PainKiller Wed Afternoon 12/16/15

Another fantastic Wednesday afternoon on the PainKiller with friends. We left the dock at 11am, ran 55 mph to the scarp, set out the spread, and it was ON FIRE!

The first tuna was on the county line, and someone else wanted him more than we did as we only managed to reel in the giant head…

The 32 lb Mahi was the first in the box, followed by tuna, wahoo, tuna, double hookup wahoo, tuna, tuna, and wahoo - oh, and a King Mackerel.

It was hard to leave the bite at 4:30 - these short days are cramping my style. Back at the dock just after 5:30 - the ocean was delightfully flat!

A great day was had by all on the ocean - amazing day - especially for the middle of December!

Tight lines,

Great day on the water PainKiller! Look forward in getting out myself.

Pretty crazy to hear these reports mid December! Super jealous!

what area were you in

We fished the Scarp, right smack in the middle of the region. All of our fish were in 180ft - 79 degree water temp. Pink and blue were the hot colors. The planer produced a few HOOS as well.

Tight lines,

Thanks for the report just got a new boat this fall and need some tips.

Epic fishing, can’t believe you can do all that in a half day

Thanks for the report