Palachucola Range today

Range was busy today.
We took a 13 year old granddaughter today.

She graduated to the bigger guns . Her new favorite gun is her grandmother’s Colt 1911.
She’s a natural.


Seeing this made me think of an exchange between an Army General and a female reporter sometime ago. The General was telling the reporter about a summer program he was running for teenagers. The program included shooting activities. When he said this, the reporter was horrified and responded, “don’t you think teaching children how to shoot a gun is just equipping them to become killers”? He calmly responded, “Madam you are be equipped to be a prostitute, does that make you one”?

Good for you for teaching youngsters how to safely handle/shoot firearms.


They are out of school next week.
She’s probably going to go back to the beach with us. They have a lady instructor at 707 gun range. I’m going to get her an hour or 2 of professional instruction. This little girl can shoot.
She dumps a 10 round magazine at 15 yards of 45 in less than 30 seconds and all of them on the paper. 12-in Target.
She has better muzzle & trigger discipline then most of the clowns on the range.
The guy you can see in the video next to her asked do you really think she should be shooting that.
My answer was look at your Target and look at her Target. That shut him up quick.

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