Panama Fish I.D.

Reggie just got back from Panama:

Regs reported that these fish were caught only ten miles from the lodge and dock using live baits in 500ft of water. Most of the tuna were between 60 and 100 pounds but another boat caught a 250 pounder during his stay.

The inshore fishing doesn’t look bad either.</font id=“size3”>

Chris Walton
aka The Tequila Monkey

here are some more pics from my recent trip to panama, hope you enjoy.


Is there room in this class for one more?

2002 Sea Hunt Triton 210
150 Yammy SS II

looks to be some sort of pink snapper

More details on the trip

Chris Walton
aka The Tequila Monkey

Where did the pink snapper pics go?? There was nothing wrong with those pics.