Panama Fishing Early Bday celebration

OK Fellows before you get started I know this should be in the offshore but I’m an inshore reporter (Ha Ha) anyway the Crew and eye were off to Panama last week for a week of fishing and we had a blast. The Capt-Nigel 7 Jul Ian-his son 8 Jul and eye Eric-9 Jul were celebrating Nigels 70th upcoming Bday; So off to Panama we went and this is one True Bucket List Completed. The fishing was great even though the guys said those were some slow days with rain every day. We also caught Roosters, Cravelles, Cuberra snapper and of course a Black tip shark.


Wow that’s a awesome trip!!! Congrats on the B day trip!!! Want to do that some day myself! :sunglasses:

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What an incredible way to spend your birthday! That is what I’m talking about. Good stuff, thanks

Awesome trip Eric

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