PaPas Toy 7 13 11 (pics)

Had a good day on the water today. Had best friend and first mate Tommy, good frienbds Brad, Tom, Kenny, and Mike. Bumppy ride out forcast was right on target 3.5’ at 4 seconds. Got to the BRD ledge about 7:30 fishd in that general area till 1 pm. Ride back was very nice at 44 mph. All in all a good day. Boy was it hot when we got back to Murrells Inlet jetties.

6 limits Black Sea Bass
4 Limits of Vermillion Snapper
2 limits Red Porgy
3 Grouper
5 Grunts


Looks like you guys had a good day on the water.

14’ Pamlico 140 Angler w/ rudder
Kayak, SCUBA, or both.

here we go again with the interweb fish police.

nice catch ya’ll.


Fish are too valuable to be caught only once.

Rick, Great day, but I see the Internet Police getting ready to pull out their pacifier and start crying. Thought that was you guys buzzing the corner this morning. Glad you got out and did not have to fight the heat and the crowds in the creek.

Tee To Sea Fishing

That is a pretty rock hind!

The blue crocs are hind, yellowmouth and scamp getters!


Luke 8:22-25

Tanks T we had a good day but had trouble anchoring up on them in the wind. Had a different drift than the wind always makes it interesting. I did not see you all on the way out.


Tight Lines
Triton 351 triple 300

that grouper has my mouth watering