Paradise Island

Looking for a little bit of info here. I usually put in at Remley’s when I come down but decided to check out Paradise Island. Looked great at high tide, but wondered if there would be any issues with taking out at low tide. I would use the smaller rig, 17’ Express. Any info would be great.

At the lower stages of the tide there is a severe dropoff at the end of the landing. There have been several stories of people snapping axles trying to get a trailer up over the dropoff. Hairball had to pick up my skiff trailer to get it back onto the ramp there once. Supposedly they have done some work to the landing. And from the reports, it hasn’t improved, but kinda gotten worse. I have NOT been up there since the work has been done. Just be aware of the dropoff. Don’t know if they fixed it or not.

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It is pretty shallow on the way in and out on low tide too. It is doable, you just have to be careful and not get in too big of a hurry. I used to put a 17 foot boat in at that landing often without too much trouble; however, I would never put my 22 foot boat in at that landing. Good luck.

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That’s the kind of info I was looking for. Thanks guys.

Its gotten really bad now since they redid it and missed it up more. At low tide you are not getting in and out with that size boat anymore, the sand bar has taken over on top of them missing up the landing. I also heard of cars being broken into of late

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