parker boats/defiance boats

kind of a continuation of a thread i started in the offshore discussion forum but figured i might get more responses in this one

buddy is looking reallly hard at getting a 23 to 25 foot offshore boat that has a cabin, a head, etc…

anyone know much about these boats. we checked out the parker 2320 sport cabin at the releigh boat show and thought it was awesome. havent seen the defiance brand in person.

if anyone has any info it would def be appreciated. thanks to those who already chimed in

“mr keys”

admiral 220 is the defiance model he is looking at…

“mr keys”

parker builds a very solid boat
heavy and a little wet, but built like a tank

If you want to know how much people like their Parker’s look at pop yachts of boat trader. They reallllllly hold their value. Built like brick $&;$ houses for sure

Parkers are all over the north east, perfect winter time chesapeake bay boats… built like tanks, no frills - tough boats. Not know for the smoothest rides or the deepest v. I personally think they became overpriced due to popularity.

There are other models of similar boats to look at. Judge Yachts, Maycraft… all built tough.

And in the southern sun, you will get hard boiled in those cabins… make sure to get a rear station for trolling.

i hear ya jughead. i appreciate all the info guys!

“mr keys”

Don’t overlook privateers. Its what a parker wants to be when it grows up.

i made this up but i think it’s true