Past members

I was thinking about some of the past members that have left this earth and made an impact on this site.
Cracker Larry,Easy,Stlhntr and possibly others that I can not remember.

They’re dead

Sorry DD , I didn’t see the part about left this earth,they were some good fellas

I sure miss mdaddy



Had the pleasure of knowing Larry, Easy (Norm) and MDaddy (Lewis). Went to Larry’s home in Georgia a couple of times and saw the boats he had built. What a craftsman! Norm was old sweetheart. He couldn’t make the CF Oyster Roast one year and he knew my wife enjoyed her boxed wine. He sent Bonzo some $ to make sure she had some. Lewis made great pecan pies and brought some for a few of us one year. All good men for sure and still missed.

No problem.