Pathfinder 22- to reefs?

Any experience with a 22 Parthfinder going to Near Shore or Kiawah reef?

I know I would have to pick my days, but is it dry/stable enough to go?

no issues at all on nice days.
if its to rough for a 22 pathfinder, you arent going to want to be there in a 21 contender.
Yes, a 21 contender has higher gunnels, and a deeper V, but its still going to be sloppy trying to reef fish. IF I RESPOND IN ALL CAPS, ITS NOT ON PURPOSE, AND I AM NOT YELLING

Had a Pathfinder 2200. Loved the boat. Spent a lot of time on reefs and live bottom areas 10 to 20 miles out. Pick good days (with seas 2 feet or less) and you will have no issues. Just make sure you have the right (offshore) safety gear before heading out.

Appreciate the input…!!


Just for scale- I take my 13 ft whaler to the reefs all the time.

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