Pawn shop information

Got a range of items most age from 35 to 60 years old was thinking about taking to a pawn shop in or around Charleston area.

Any recommendations?

Ain’t had any luck selling or giving away other stuff on line.


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Have a friend that owned an antique shop downtown Charleston. Finally had to close. Property got so expensive and the younger people seem to prefer new electronics and mod deco furniture. . Antique buyers and sellers are becoming endangered species. The pawn shops in the area are struggling to make a living

Since this is a fishing site, you need to go see Chumlee…

I like to look around in a Pawn shop from time to time, but seldom buy anything. Overpriced used stuff. Maybe use a pawn shop for some kind of appraisal, but I would not settle for selling to one. I’ve never seen a pawn shop give a fair price for an item. They are in it strictly for themselves, not saying that is a bad thing, just saying you aint getting a good deal selling to one.

I acquired some old gold jewelry once and figured it would be worth more as jewelry than the gold value. They wouldn’t even give me gold weight price. Sold it to a local jewelry store.

I like old stuff. Let’s see what you got.

Love those old hand cut dovetail joints and the peg corners. I used to captain a boat for a pawn shop guy. . They deal with desperate people and turn a substantial profit. King Street in downtown Charleston used to be the center of the Carolina antique biz. It’s almost all gone.

Facebook marketplace and Craigslist work well today