Penn Battle 2 parts

Does anyone make a replacement Main Gear for the Penn Battle 2?

We have a number of the 3000 II that the main gears shed teeth. Replaced them, and a year later have to do it again. I asked Penn if the Battle 3 gear will fit. I will not.

Does anyone make an after market gear??? No sympathy.

I had a 5000 series that was only a few months old that had a couple teeth shear off on the main gear. Lost a nice fish because of that. I tossed it in the dumpster at Boca grande

I wrote Penn and got a boilerplate note back telling me the price of the gear…


Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Putting it politely.
I talked to a rep that a seminar about a broken rod.
He stated something like, but if it was a combo what do you expect it was $20 rod. He also said that they source their rods from anywhere and everywhere.
Basically the cheapest junk they can find.

You might try this guy, he is a friend of mine and a real standup guy.

Will check. Thank you.
We can repair them, but Penn uses the cheapest pot metal to make the main gear. If they made a quality gear, the real would be great.