Penn Clash

Anyone like the clash line of reels. Deep discounts from J and H tackle. No tax and free shipping.
2500 180 down to 120/ 33% off 60 savings
3000 200 down to 120/ 40% off 80 savings
4000 200 down to 130/ 35% off 70 savings
5000 220 down to 140/ 36% off 80 savings
8000 260 down to 150/ 42% off 110 savings

110 off the 8000 is a hell of a deal with no tax and free shipping. I’m pulling the trigger on the 8000 and sending it to RBF cause the wimmins out at Wateree run hard, and with 30 lbs off drag stopping power RBF won’t haft to get up from his chair:smiley:

The heck with RBF. I’ll send you my mailing address .
I had to Google (wimmin) to see what you were talking about. Hahaha

wimmin in British English. (ˈwɪmɪn) an intentional phonetic respelling of ‘women’, adopted to avoid the use of the word ‘men’ at the end.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Don’t have a place on Wateree anymore and really glad… It it flooded again real bad and is prone to do so…

However, I will say in my youth them Wateree Queens would make a man outta you fo sho… The wimminz be some barefoot’n and Daisy dukes/bikini top wearing freaks… The equipment you mentioned won’t do squat to stop them when they get to running… It beez like this when the moon is full in the summer time and them wimminz are boozed up and frisky on one of the islands:



Off the chain and I don’t believe you regarding the daisy dukes. Without pictures it didn’t happen:smiley: I got to get to cooking soon. Heading over to a buddies house. We got a bushel of salty local clusters, 3 pounds of fresh shrimp, a a bag of clams and some Jim Bean and ginger. The ladies like it when we get hammered, cause it gives them an excuse to go up side our heads:smiley: Should be an interesting little get together. One of the attorneys involved with the Dillian Roof appeal will be there. I’m not sure the extent of his representation or how he’s involved, but did see this fellow on TV in court with Roof recently. I know they say everyone is entitled to a defense, but man if there ever was someone who didn’t deserve that liberty, it would Roof. I will be interested to hear from him regarding the moral dilemma of representing pure evil. I guess Roof didn’t do a good job representing himself, and wasn’t happy with the death penalty. He can go to hell. You gentlemen have a great day, and stay out of trouble:+1:


Defending Dillion would take an extremely different type of personality. Unbelievable that we have people doing that kind of work for such a known evil. I guess a court appointed defendant? Man that would be rough, I’d quit.

Runbabyrun I was kind of scared to comment on this. RBF might show up with a pair of Daisy dukes on.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

RBF last summer:smiley:

Yes sir Fred it’s got to tough for the attorney’s to represent folks like Roof. Thats why I was interested to talk to him. I mean what if they succeed in doing so, and how does that play out in their minds that the when some of these folks walk free, and could go out and do something again. I imagine Roof won’t be going anywhere. Like I said earlier I don’t know the extent to how much this fellow is representing Roof, but I did see him on T.V. the other day with Roof in court. Allot of folks will do some work for the state in exchange for health care, and also have private practices. My wife does it with the juveniles in family court and has people appointed to her. Some of those folks are pretty bad too, but more often than not they come from broken homes and suffer from all sorts of abuse, drugs foster homes etc. The lawyer didn’t make it to the get together, but we did have a local news anchor show. Who turned out to be a really nice guy. Heavy handed on the shrimp, but a real nice guy:smiley: We aren’t used to such high profile people. Usually it’s a group of dysfunctional idiots but were all dysfunctional idiots so it works out:smiley:


The ENTER-NET Fisherman

Good deal for sure…

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You (**() right… AND, I can twerk like a mutha and light those baccy sticks on fire with my tight fine ass on grinder mode…