perfect day!!! 1/23

was able to get out there at noon for most of the falling tide.

i decided if i catch 2 slotties today, i’ll cook em’ for dinner

well not 10 minutes into fishin, i caught my 2 slotties. both on a powerbait clear lookin’ shrimp jig.

so, now what? i just paddled around. saw some very large schools but decided not to throw at them. was not long before flipper found them too.

all in all, a nice outing way north of the common spots

Let me know if you start having a problem finding only bigger reds. I will gladdy trade some spots were I am catching almost nothing but slots.:smiley:

“The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad.” </font id=“size2”>
Hobie Adventure Kayak 08 </font id=“size2”>
Hobie Pro Angler Kayak 09 & 10 </font id=“size2”>

might have to do that!!!

my wife does not think i catch anything because i dont bring home dinner. i tell her “they’re always too big or too small”

prior to sunday, i have not caught a slot red since early november.

14’McKee 75Merc 2stroke

havent seen ya out there in awhile yakin, hope all is good with you.

i get the same thing from my mrs. i made her eat sheephead 4 x a week back in the fall.


all good on my end.

i’m still putting xmas stuff away which is unfortunately on top of my boat in the garage

so i’ve been yakin a bit. i did see you towing your boat the other day. do you have a pass at the 41 bridge ramp?

14’McKee 75Merc 2stroke