Personal Covid experiences and what helped you through

This is meant to just be of some help for people or maybe not. The hospital is the last place anyone wants to go and that is a separate topic so please just keep this for personal experiences whether you or someone you actually live with.
I’ll start. This has taken place over the entire month so far since we are a family of 4. Also, I had a prescription for me of ivermectin and a antibiotic as a “just in case” this happens already in cupboard. There are a few doctors around Charleston that prescribe this along with
It’s pretty expensive. Between the call to talk with a doctor and the cost of ivermectin and antibiotic it’s like $200 or $225 per person.
Also note we all take VitD, VitC, Zinc, and Quercitin daily no matter what and have been for quite some time.</font id=“blue”>

Day 1 - Daughter gets a fever(her classmates were recently + for Covid) so we go get a OTC antigen test at CVS. Both daughter and son test positive. Son no symptoms.
Day 2 - daughter no more fever, but developed a cough and stomach hurts. Son no symptoms
- wife and I contact doctor to get ivermectin and prescription antibiotic from doctor overnighted, but we got the dosages from doctor
and I just used mine to start giving kids until the other prescriptions showed up.
Day 3 - daughter cough continues and is tired. son no symptoms. both still taking ivermectin with vitamins. also a probiotic 2 hours after the
Day 4 - daughter cough. son no symptoms. Wife get a fever and feels rough with runny nose. She goes to her work’s testing place and is
positive. She immediately starts taking ivermectin/antibiotic also.
Day 5 - daughter much better with little cough. son no symptoms. wife fever gone but aches and is tired.
Day 6- daughter and son both good now and they take their last ivermectin/anitbiotic pills. It’s a five day prescription.
Day 7 - Wife now has phlegmy cough and tired. I now have a

Thanks for the detailed report. I keep Ivermectin on hand as well. I’ve been told by my doctor (personal not v.a.) that it is only good if taken in the first 2-3 days. ? Glad you and your family is doing better.

I think it will be interesting in a couple of years to see differing reports and results in this mess.

Thought you’d never axe

I got the Chyna Flew back in 2019
Chynknees restaurant and I get takee out Tee

Walk in and the cooks are out front and all sweating
The chick is sweating over my bag of food…

It’s winter

I eat my food and hungry an hour later.

Feel $hitty 2 days later…sleep2 days…that’s it except I can’t smell cat stool in the tub…my wife can…no one else gets sick… that’s it.

4 weeks ago…my son brings it home from work and my wife tests positive…she been vaxed…my son and me not.

I had just regained my sense of smell…I could smell the salt water marsh smell again.
And now I can’t.

I smoke 2 packs a day…knocked me down for a couple of days…still couldn’t smell a fart in a shoe box. Wife and son suffer through a couple of weeks of $hitty feeling.
That’s it. I trade bios exclusively(specifically anti-virials)…did anesthesia for 35+ years… so I gots an idea about viruses and lung function.
That’ my experience with the Chyna Flew.
My daughter almost got intubated with the flu…a couple of years ago.

There are good Doctors like there are good mechanics…it’s a crap shoot.

I fired her Doctor…a Pulmonologist.

Too many variables…
I believe it’s an engineered virus…a vaccination was made prior to inception…

No telling of the consequences of mucking with the natural progression of viral mutation.

Limiting discussion/treatment options is the tell…it’s about control…not your health.

What a shame and a sham.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

With all biological weapons an antidote/vaccine is made side by side. That’s my only way to believe this vaccine could be legit, … It was already made and tested for this new side kick in the flu family.

Great job protecting yourself. The goal is to protect the lungs so that nothing gets there. If it does, there are additional steps to take.

The stuff lands in the sinuses and multiples before traveling to the lungs. Killing it there is the goal.

Suggest you get a nebulizer and use food grade hydrogen peroxide. You can find out online how to prepare the proper diluted hydrogen peroxide solution. Hydrogen peroxide will kill it in the nasal cavities and lungs. It will take care of the typical viruses. Some people regularly use it to avoid colds and the flu.

About Vit D, specifically D3. D3 is a fundamental building block of the immune system. MDs used to think that a level of 25 was good. They now recommend a range of 60-80. It’s difficult to get that high or to take too much. You can’t know how much to take without knowing your D3 level. Get it tested with your regular physical or go to an independent lab to get the test. Ulta Lab usually has good prices on testing. It’s normal for younger folks to have higher D3 levels than older people.

Back story - I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 5 years ago, found in my left eye. At that time my D3 was 17. The expert oncologist recommended chemo, I said NO. It was treated with radiation and resolved. Since that time I’ve been taking 5-10,000 IU daily, sometimes 20K. It took months to get to 50 and now maintain it around 70. I rarely get any type of cold, flu or sinus problem. The stuff is real cheap and often on sale.

Boosting the immune system is a great defense.

Pioneer 197SF
Pioneer 197SF

For my family, wife,youngest son and myself are vaccinated, oldest son not. Oldest son started feeling bad, no smell or taste, off to get tested ,positive for covid.
We all get tested at same time, 3 of us false negative, so we probably have covid.
This was last Tuesday. Saturday I was having trouble chewing and drinking, stuff would run out my mouth like I had a hole in my lip. Kinda weird, didn’t know if I had a stroke or something, Sunday progressively worse,said heck with this,went to Colleton Medical ,diagnosed with Bells Palsy.
Come to find out from primary doctor through a phone call, he has seen others with possible stroke symptoms, turns out to be bells, all from the covid.
I have some antivirals and prednisone. We’ll see what happens next.

Double D.

Did your Doctor order a D-dimer test on you to your knowledge?
Not trying to mess with you but you need to request this.
Take care and get well.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

Dang Double D. Hope you and your family the best. Prayers sent your way. I did not realise that Covid 19 could cause Bell’s palsy, learn new stuff about this super flu every day. Looks like the Pizer vaccine has also caused this in some people.

Check into the vitamin D like BlueSky talks about. If you research it 80% of Americans are D deficient and 70% of the World is as well. Everything I’ve seen Vitamin D is a super star in your immune system working at full potential. I started taking it a year or so ago when BlueSkyguy told us all about his cancer.

[navy]Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a highly infectious disease, mainly causing respiratory symptoms. However, a few patients may also have neurological symptoms. Herein, we report a case of COVID-19 infection complicated with Bell’s palsy.

Peripheral facial nerve (Bell) palsy has been reported and widely suggested as a possible adverse effect of the BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) COVID-19 vaccine. Israel is currently the leading country in vaccination rates per capita, exclusively using the BNT162b2 vaccine, and all residents of Israel are obligatory members of a national digital health registry system. These factors enable early analysis of adverse events.


Not that I can recall. MRI, CT Scan and Eccocardigram is all that was done.
What is the d-dimer test and what is it for, 1st time I heard of it.

Double D.

I had to search the D-dimer, like you I’ve never heard of it. Looks like its a test for having blood clots?

Just putting this out there for other responses. While digging around on vitiamin D and D-dimer tests… You see a few foods recommended to eat to help…
Ginger. t
Vitamin E.
Garlic. …
Cassia cinnamon. …
Ginkgo biloba. …
Grape seed extract.

I would imagine big pharma would not like us all researching and trying a bit of “natural” remedies/cures, but for what it’s worth all of today’s medicine is based off Nature, some are still actually pure nature and not synthesized (aspirin ) but it seem most are now man made synthetics.

Dang DoubleD I’ll pray for you and family. I’m sorry to hear that.

B.O.A.T. Bust Out Another Thousand!

Double D

The point being

You can read about the test…and resultant skewing of results by COVID/ VACCINE

Do your own neuro checks:

Grips bilateral and equal

Wiggle your toes

Stick your tongue out in the mirror and it should be midline

Smile into the mirror and make sure both sides match

That’s about it

Strange times…

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

Ivermectin can be purchased OTC at Tractor Supply . No prescription required

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Your government doesn’t want you to know this

Tyler Bowyer :us: (@conservatyler) Tweeted:
Update: I finished my Ivermectin regiment and a z-pak and feel some achiness/soreness in my back but otherwise totally feeling back to normal.

Prior to taking the ivermectin, I was a constant 102-103 fever even while aggressively taking ibuprofen and tylenol on 3 hour stints.

Tyler Bowyer :us: (@conservatyler) Tweeted:
I haven’t shared this but I had a pretty ugly case of covid last week.

My temp got above 105 & had a 102-103 on fever reducers for DAYS. I was in pretty bad shape and was a little worried.

Then I took ivermectin and my fever went away overnight and I really felt 10 x better.

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