Pictures from New Orleans

These are pictures from the earlier post…Three reds on the fly and one monster Black Drum with wiskers…They were my 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th fish on the fly,And it was 53 degrees and lots of rain…Water conditions were very poor,Blind casting for all . No sun the entire day…

First Black Drum 34 lbs

First red on fly New orleans red

Huge Black Drum The whiskers are sweet

Another nice backwater red

Well thats all the pics Hope ya’ll like them

Nice picts and nice report. What weight rod were you throwing. Looks like you probably maxed out on that black drum?

18’ CC w/ 115 Yami

DAAAAMNNNNNN, that Black Drum would be a trip maker.

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So jealous. Where did you go out of? I was down in New Orleans in mid october but couldn’t afford a guide. A cold front had just blown through in Grand Isle and the fishing was terrible. Locals said I had just missed a huge red drum run, that they had been catching tons of big fish for a week, then i showed up with the cold front.

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I was throwing an 8 weight rod with a 12lb. leader…And that Black Drum was a trip maker i caught him about 2 hrs into the trip… I missed another one that was maybe pushing 30lbs…How sweet would that of been…I dont know thw spot where we were fishing all i know is it took about 45 min. from New Orleans and then once on the water it was another hour to his first spot. From all the spots i could see and hear oil rigs…The first red was caught in about 4 inches of water.The water was terrible they had nasty rains the week before so the water was way up so the fishing was rough …Next time your in New Orleans you should look up that guide he is pretty good and knows the area real well…

what did that drum eat?

He destroyed a small shrimp pattern fly…



unreal…good deal man.

ft worry.

Thanks man that Black Drum is a monster