Ping Pong Ball Scuppers

Hey guys, got a quick question for the board. I purchased a 2005 Pathfinder 22 last summer that had Rabud Scuppers on it already. Fished this weekend and the cockpit was filling up with several inches of water. I checked the scuppers when I got home and sure enough they were cracked and the drain lines clogged. My question is are Rabud the best brand? Also does anyone know where to purchase them? Would it make sense to remove the rubber flap in the drain line to let water flow better? I assume I need the larger size for my boat


pathfinder said that raybuds were there solution. I actually installed some industrial quality backflow preventing valves that worked pretty good

I may have some unused raybuds in my tackle room. They are yours if I still have them

That would be great! I will shoot you a PM.


I had those rubber flaps on my old seahunt & they did same thing. Didn’t drain fast & clogged up. I just removed them & problem solved. I would reinstall in cold weather so cold water wouldn’t come in on me when i was in reverse.

older pathfinders were notorious for wet feet. Raybuds were the factory’s solution

you are in luck. found a brand new pair. left you a voice mail