Places you can regularly buy Weakfish

Hey guy’s i’m in the North Charleston, almost Summerville area of town and i’m looking for places that sell Weakfish, Tile fish, and Sheepshead on a regular basis ? I’ve seen a few fish markets in Summerville? and Ladson? but never been by during working hours. Have seen Sheepshead once or twice at Marvin’s.

Check out Sellsfish Premium Seafood on 17a in Summerville. Paul is one of us here and is a wealth of knowledge all things fish related.

Agreed, Sellsfish is the place to go in Summerville.

You can also get fresh harvested fish down at the Wando Shrimp Company down in Mt. Pleasant. I still prefer Sellsfish though.

Sellsfish is the way to go! I was in there the other day and they had all everything I wanted plus some pre rigged species specific leader/tackle on the way out. Get off exit 199 towards Monks Corner. Its between the 2nd and 3rd light on the left beside Tractor supply!

Awesome ! Thanks ya’ll. I’m glad there’s aa local business close to home that I can support !

  • Adam

Yep, go see Sellsfish. Paul or anyone there are the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met when it comes to seafood, and they know where it came from. If you have something unusual you want just let them know and they can order it. They have a vast network of not only local seafood but seafood from around the country. You have got to try the Pastrami Smoked Salmon. I have had their stuffed flounder and it is great. They even had Smelts once, and like his son said, those where the best fish sticks I’ve ever had.Very clean place too, I blind person could walk in and think he was lost!

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