Please protect Big Reds in the Charleston Channel

Friday I found 2 large Red Fish. 40 ins and 42 ins floating belly up in the channel between the Patriots point and the Wando terminal (I don’t want to give too much detail so this will not happend to more fish). At first I thought they were dead. Both of them were trying to swim down but could not because their swim bladders were distended and their anus was protruding. After venting them they were able to swim down. I talked to the boat that had caught the fish. The depth was around 50 feet. I don’t know what depth you need to vent fish. I also don’t know if the low air pressure also contributed to this. I hope to catch those fish some day in the future. I don’t want them to die.

It was not from low air pressure, those fish weren’t vented/released properly. They were caught from that depth or deeper nearby. I stopped fishing that spot for that same reason. I don’t want to kill fish. Even vented and handled properly I think the fish from there may struggle to survive. Not worth it to me, I can find picture fish elsewhere.

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“Head East”

Could be a cause of our severe drop off in juvenile redfish numbers. Who knows? Redfish are definitely in trouble though.

Got this little guy yesterday. Had multiple spots so had to get a pic .

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