Plotter/Sonar unit HELP

Good Day.

I am replacing the a Garmin 541 on my 21 Key west Bay boat. I think I would like to stay with Garmin butt it has been 15+ years since I have researched features and capabilities.
Not concerned with anything over 100-125 ft deep.
Would like HiDef screen, not a touch screen
Unit that will deep hole shrimp

Thoughts on ClearVü™ and SideVü™ sonars, Chrip? 300w vs 600w?
Airmar transducer over the Garmin?


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Whats the budget?

I have a GPSMAP 943XSV & the GT34UHD transducer & GCV20 sonar box.
It is now a hefty price but was cheaper back in 2020 when i got it all.
I can actually pull up to a dock & sidescan to see if any fish are under it. I am still learning it but it hascreally helped.
I am sure there are smaller set ups that may save you some money.

budget is pretty open and don’t want to kiil the piggy bank on things i wont use.

This has a ton of good info, should answer a few of your questions

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I have a lowrance hook 7. It has chirp technology. I use it for deep hole shrimp and it puts me on the target.
Lowrance has a reputation for short lifespan, but mine has been solid for 7 years. I had to do a factory reset this year but it booted right back up. It’s budget friendly too. Just doesn’t have the high def screen. Fish don’t care if I have high def :joy:

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I downloaded the Navionics app onto an iPad, as a backup plotter, and it was, actually, more accurate, offshore, than the Garmin we were using at that time.

I think it was around twenty bucks for the first year, and two or three bucks/year after that.

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Navionics is a must have if your gps/fish finder is compatible. Love it.


If I were upgrading my Garmin 540 I would take a good long look at this deal next week.

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If you get a sidescan unit, whatever the vendor (personally, I’d recommend Humminbird or Garmin), make sure its a megahertz transducer.

I had that sale paper around here a couple days ago but someone has already thrown it away. I remember a more expensive unit in there
Is that the one where you can see your lure?
I copy on the mega transducer.
Do y’all think it would help catching salt water inshore fish?


garmin is good at catching salt water inshore fishermen, thats for sure

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Had the Garmin UHD 92sv with the GT56 transducer. Downloaded the Active Captain app along with the charts. Still getting used to the technology (especially the sidescan). I like it so far. Spend the money on the transducer!