Point me in the right direction

Coming to Charleston next week for a few days to visit son and his family and want to spend a half day fishing with him. Not being from these parts I don’t know where to go, what tackle I need or what to fish for. That’s where I’m hoping somebody here will point me in the right direction. Not interested in a charter or guide service. Just want a place to drop a line, enjoy the day and company and hopefully catch a fish or two.

Folly beach or Mt Pleasant fishing piers are probably your best bet. Without a guide this is probably easiest route unless our son has
gear of his own.

There is a surf/pier forum and you may find some more help in there.


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…the harbor was slick as an eel pecker.

I’d also recommend the little dock at Crosby’s 2223 Folly Rd. Go in the building to sign in. They have bathrooms, bait and tackle, beer. I’ve caught whiting, croaker, and spec…and stingrays and toadfish, of course. Will cost you 2 bucks a head and you won’t need to buy a SC permit. Oh, and if you catch the skunk, you can buy local catch there, too.

ironskillet, I wasn’t aware that they had the commerical license at Crosbys … I thought you still had to have, I could be wrong though

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it’s more likely that I am wrong, I think I was told by another fisherman there that we didn’t need the license, before I moved here. I’d ask at the desk…
If you do get a license, the Folly beach public park just past Crosby’s would be a good option.

Thanks for the suggestions, this is what I was looking for.

mt.p fishing peir holds nice fish all year long. as the news paper every sunday almost has pics of people catching but if you do go there get live minnow/shrimp and fiddler crabs at the bait store before you go people have caught some nice a$# sheephead and its only getting better