Poll Concerning Weigh-in For Breast Cancer tourn.

While the decision to support the tournament has already been done, we have considered having two weigh-in locations for those who don’t wish to fish both tournaments or come to Sportsmans to weigh their MSC creel. I want to start a poll to see if everyone would be willing to drive to Sportsmans Warehouse or would they rather have a second weigh-in location. So let hear what you have to say. One weigh location or two.

ONE. But how about the difference in tournament times and limits?


We will fish on their schedule with a 3-fish weigh.

My vote is also for Sportsmans. Everyone needs to weigh on the same scale.

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Bump to the top!

Xpress HB-22
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Rick, we changed all the times and limits so it would all be the same.


I havent decided if I am fishing the Breast Cancer tourney yet or not but I will do whatever.

However, I do think that Sportsman’s Warehouse is very inconvenient considering ALOT of the fishing next month will still be mid to upper lake.

One weigh inn at Sportsman

I vote for one weigh-in at Sportsman but I do believe there are anglers who are opposed to this but were intimidated when asked for a show of hands.

I would caution anyone against giving their MSC tournament fish to another team for them to weigh at Sportsmans Warehouse. While the concept would be fine for our club competition, you wouldn’t want another teams entry into the other tournament to be disqualified for collaboration with another team. Our teams will be subject to their rules and polygraph examination…

Team Shad Up & Fish

I’ve spent about 85% of my life’s wages on fishing, the rest I just wasted…

My team for the tourney has decided we will fish the Breast Cancer awareness tourney so ignore my above post about not knowing if I am going to fish it.