Pond fishing like a champion newbie

I know im no pro bass fisherkid but i sure know how to catch some pond bass. Caught some decent bass even though their perfect shark bait size still gotta have fun. Sign me up for bass master 2023-2024 ill win with my little bass by a mile.

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You go girl.

Looks you have the touch!!!

Catching fish salt and fresh water now. Ima add that to my 1st job application. Hopefully i can try different ponds soon either by myself, with dad, or my friends. Might try a tournament in the spring for bass. Not any normal post especially from me but until i go salt water fishing again yall just stuck with me bass fishing for a while.


Eye on the prize,or A prize anyway

Good deal looks like you had a great day.

Great report! Love it!

Fishing is fishing; you gotta get your fix somehow.

Yes sir you aint wrong there. Sooner or later yall will see a miracle happen that my dad goes pond bass fishing with me. Im fairly new to it and it isnt as bad as i thought it would of been but my dad grew up on it and still doesn’t outfish me in his own territory. I believe he knows he created a monster when it comes to fishing. Crushing everyones hopes and dreams on outfishing me is a good title to have.

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