Popping Cork and Gulp!

21 trout and this nice red! All around the grass. Wando River


Sweet. Love that red! Bite seems to be picking up a bit.

glad to hear about the trout. I’m going after them next thursday. I’ll bring some gulp but will try live bait first.

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I got there early for low tide but my bait spot only had tiny shrimp…… tons of them!

Great info. Does it matter what color gulp shrimp?

Probably not. I didn’t have any other color so it’s hard to say.

Thx. About through my September HP budget. Have mainly used vudu and doa, but have done better casting to fish than under a cork. Have heard of folks using pro cure on their soft baits to incite the bite.

@KC1 I actually prefer a 1/8 Trout Eye and ZMan Smokey Shad. When I would find a school of trout along the grass on the popping cork I would try ZMan but couldn’t get a strike. It could have been my retrieve. Sometimes trout can be picky. I’d switch back to the gulp and Bam!!!

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Do you use a swivel with a clip or tie artificials on your line?

@Bayrider I don’t do metal clips. I got my butt kicked one time fishing with a buddy. I removed the clip and finally started catching some. I’ll tie a Palomar if I’m casting or a Rapala knot if I’m straight line jigging. The Rapala knot allows for more action

Heck of a day right there! Good pics too​:+1::+1: