Positives and negatives of different outriggers

I’ve been going back and forth trying to decide if I’m getting new one piece outriggers, or if it’s a good idea to try the telescoping outriggers.

Couple questions about outriggers:

Is it a pain to deploy them when offshore?

I would imagine managing the line is difficult when taking them down, is that true?

Do ya’ll like one piece or telescoping more?

How much lighter is carbon fiber than aluminum? Just asking because a couple hundred dollars for cfiber is a small price to pay to reduce stress in a hard top if they are significantly lighter!

Which outrigger bases are good? Which ones don’t you like?

I don’t have a lot of clearance (head room), so to avoid a lot of head injuries, are there any outrigger bases that protrude downward less than others?

Are they all generic so that they will accept other outriggers?

What size boat? What length? Trailering? All are factors. There are some that can be incorporated into T-Top supports. Otherwise I like my Taco Grand Slams. Fish with a few boats that have Rupps as well.

The carbon fibers are nice, a guy named a Bly is making some nice ones on THT.

Folding any of them up is a pain, I try to leave them extended when possible.

Just answered in the other thread…I’ll make this short & sweet.

Non-telescoping if going with aluminum.

Taco telescopic riggers are way too flexible.

Carbon fiber for telescoping since they are more stiff.

I do not deploy telescopic outriggers offshore. I do not know the advantage of doing that.