Post hurricane fishing question

Had hoped to go out this morning early and fish. By the looks of things, it wouldn’t have been too bad weather wise and heard several people talk about a great bite before a storm like that. Since thankfully we don’t get many chances I was curious, but unable to go.

I hope to go Sunday (if nothing else, to check out a new prop I just got). Anyone have a thought as to POST hurricane bite, or will it be business as usual? Only thought that comes to mind is if they were hungry before the storm as rumored, then they will have full bellies on Sunday.

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Hey Vince, give me a shout, got some days I gotta burn.

Wondering the same thing about post storm bite. Not really that much of a storm it turns out (for us), but it might have murked up the shoreline a bit. Any expectations for good or bad fishing on Sunday?

there is only one way to find out. ill be out there sunday

Lots of junk will be in the rivers, harbor, and near ocean … :wink:

Went out last night and the water is a lot cooler than it was a couple weeks ago. The fish in the grass were very aggressive! One of my best flats trips to date.

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The tarpon were doing a little chewing in Gtown. 1 for 3 this morning.

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Redfish were super aggressive today, ate everything I threw today.

strong bite on the cooper this afternoon. flounder and trout. mud minnows. incoming tide.

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Had a pretty decent day Sunday. Hope to post later this week.

19.5 Triumph, 115 HP Honda
“Every saint has a past, every sinner a future”