Post your kayak...

What are you all fishing from? I’m in the market for two.

Just picked up two of these 10 footers, one for her and one for me, to try some Yak fishing this year. Added rod holders to them myself. Have only fished from them once so far.

If one is looking for a fishing kayak, I recommend trying out a couple first. Time Out Sports I believe still rents them to demo. Having fished initially from a sit inside, I can tell you that I never want to again. I fish from a sit on top, it just offers so much more freedom of movement and, they are far less likely to fill up with water. I have a WS Ride 135, my oldest son has a Feelfree Moken 12.5. They both set up well for fishing and are very stable. Not sure if he is still there as I have not seen him post in a while but Dolphin Dave at Time Out is the guy to talk to.

“Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It’s Hand”, but really, who cares?

My son and his fiance have a set. Have only paddled around but, more to come on the fishing side…


I have a emotion stealth 11, and i have to agree, sit on tops are so much better for fishing than sit insides. my kayak is pretty stable, i can stand up with relative ease and make good hard casts. i’ve come to discover that having the ability to stand is pretty advantageous

Sam Elliott

I have a Cuda 12 & my wife has a Feelfree Lure 10.

Not a lot of pictures yet, but just picked up the new Pelican Catch 130, thing is a champ!

Hooweee $1200! Geez!

Capt. Garry Coats
Folly Beach & CHS

$1499, but still cheaper than a Hobie with the same drive. And from what I’ve seen, handles waves better.

Malibu Kayak Stealth 14

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