Posting pics

I’m a dum ass I guess, I can’t figure out how to post pics on this site, I have a iPhone and a gopro4, but this site has 20 year old tech as far as I can figure on pi uploads… wtf?.. how do I post pics off an iPhone or a GoPro 4 not being a computer wizard?.. have read all and I bet this site is being held back because of it , I bet I’m not the only one who thinks this is a problem… any ideas would be appreciated and maybe this site could grow if it was easier to post pics!!!

Also do u have to have an old flip phone with a cam to post?.. just saying… frustration are running over about this!

23 Sailfish taught me how to do it. You can use paint on a computer after you download the pic…

Open paint on windows

find the pic and resize the pixels to 1024…786 and save as a jpeg on your computer and then download it

as far as a phone download…IDK(I don’t know)

What I do know is this site will keep running without your pic being posted so you gots to go with the flow…try the search n feature.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

Thanks for the help

E mail picture to yourself with the I phone and it will ask what size.Then you can post it. I’ve seen this recommended by many on this site and it worked for me.

I just got an I phone this week( I sure miss my flip) Thanks for the info, will get the kid next door to help. The only time I had posted a picture I had to have my wife E mail a buddy and he posted it for me!