Pot Roast

Whens dinner:question::question::question: great looking roast!!!:smiley:


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How did you cook the roast, onions carrots sand celery? Crock Pot? Truthfully is doesn’t matter! Will you adopt me :question::smiley:

I love a good pot roast and that one looks good :sunglasses:

What kind of bait do catch pot roast on?

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I like to season mine, pretty heavy-handed, and then brown it (get a real good “crust” on it) in a skillet before sending it to the Dutch oven for a day long sauna treatment.

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Easy, I tried to post recipe last night ,wrote the whole thing out, pressed send, and my computer said no internet connection ,not happy, I’m sorry, lost it all. :frowning_face: I just dont want to slap out a recipe if it isnt correct as food ain’t cheep these days and time is precious, If I post it ,it has to be right. I promise I will do it, as well as Larry’s crab balls, just need some time, thanks to all for response and Archer is dead on about the browning, so important, happy holidays to all . I’m just slammed the whole family coming for Christmas.

O.K. lets try it again. First thing get everything cut up 3 large onions, 3 celery ribs, 10 big carrots cut into thumb size pieces. Open1 btl of burgundy wine. Open 1 can small tomato paste. Heat large heavy gauge braising pan to real hot, very important. Season pot roast heavy with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Dust the roast with flour both sides. Cover pan with olive oil and fry roast in pan till really brown, dont flip too soon you want a nice crust, brown other side. The browning produces allot of flavor-important. Pull roast out and put in your vegetables and repeat ,fry until brown.Then put in 3 tblsp. of tomato paste and stir and cook for a minute or two. Immediately put in 3 tblsp. of flour, stir well, coating all the vegetables, it will look like a sticky mess. Add 3/4 btl of wine into the hot pan with the veg, stir well and reduce it till 75% gone cooking off the raw alcohol flavor. Then add swansons beef broth the big box, I think its 48 ou. Dont pour all the broth in at once, first pour in 1/3 and mix well. This prevents flour balls from getting in the gravy. Once you mix in the 1/3 box of broth well, then you can add the rest. Put meat back into pan. Throw in a bay leaf, a couple sprigs of fresh thyme or rosemary and 6 peeled whole garlic cloves. Bring back to a boil, cover, throw in oven 350-400 degrees and cook until fork tender and ready to fall apart will take a few hours depending on the size of the roast 3-4 hrs approximately. Check every now and then after 2hrs, if your gravy gets way to thick you can add a little stock or water to get a proper gravy consistency. At the end when done you should check, does it need any more salt or pepper in gravy, is it the right thickness, throw in some fresh chopped parsley and enjoy. Some people like to cut up chunks of potato and put in, some like it with rice, some like it with yukon gold mashed potato its your call. If you put in potato chunks do so when you put in your herbs, just before going in the oven. The exact same method can be used for s

Thanks runbanyrun! Make Larry wait! He’ll just give the recipe to his wife and try weasel some way, to get her to make it for him:wink:

Easy, I though everybody knew how to make a pot roast. Basic Southernese cooking, Mama taught me that :smiley:

Those crab balls really look good though, she wasn’t as good with those.

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And you should be giving out the recipe for Leg of Lamb! Ain’t that a Greek specialty!:wink: Oh, Larry, is that why it’s called Yankee Pot Roast!

So, uh, how bout them shrooms RBR? Teriyaki, parsley, garlic, onion, salt…stir fry?

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The mushrooms I fry in hot pan that has a big surface so you have a single layer so they all touch bottom and get brown.Dont stir to often,I start with olive oil, fry a few minutes, then stir,fry a few minutes more,then stir. The real flavor comes from the browning. Once they are nice and brown, I cut off pan and put to the side and use the remaining heat and throw in minced garlic. The reason being is the garlic will burn if you put it in earlier when you are using “high” heat.At this point I will also add a tablespoon of butter, allot of chopped fresh Italian parsley, and salt and fresh ground pepper. I never season the shrooms until the end. The reason being is salt pulls out all the water in the mushrooms and you get a wetter pan which screws up the browning process. Thanks for asking, most people believe the button mushroom has no flavor, and they are part correct, If you cook them properly they can have a ton of flavor and be quit delicious. :smiley:

Looks great, gonna try this. I still need to learn that good cooks are not afraid to cook hot and fast first and then braise a long time.

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Must say RBR…that is the best pot roast I think I ever had. Thanks for the recipe. Think I’ll stick to my mushroom recipe though. I do them sliced with onions, worcestershire & terriyaki. Highly recommend that roast recipe to everyone. That gravy is delicious!

Good morning to you both and thank you for your post:smiley: Great looking food.

Good looking stuff there. Runbaby, save your recipes to to a word document then you can copy and paste anywhere without having to worry about losing an internet connection. Makes it easy to email or use for future reference also.

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