Power Pro braid-weakened after 1 year of use

Since was searching around and not finding much thought I would post here in case anyone else has same issue. Been fishing Power Pro 10lb braid in moss green for the past year and recently noticed it has lost significant strength. At this point when I cinch knots too tightly the line snaps, generally above the knot. Was never an issue prior, have tried all different knots and am moistening the line. Fish inshore, generally once a week. Had expected to get much longer use out of it. Going to upgrade to SSV2 and see if worth the extra $. If not have heard J braid x8 and Berkley X9 are good alternatives.

I’ve had good luck with it over the years. My poles stay on the boat quite a bit and get a lot of UV exposure…
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I have seen on another fishing site people talk about fake power pro being out there when not purchased by a reputable dealer. Where did you buy it from? I t should last multiple seasons with proper care. I have some on reels 4-5yrs old without any issues and heard of people getting even longer. It’s one possibility.

Was wondering if just got a bad batch or counterfeit but did work fine for just over a year. Bought directly from Amazon (not a 3rd party seller) on 1/6/20.

I recall some discussion years back about PP breaking for no apparent rhyme or reason, and in various strengths. There’s always been those comments about the fake PP on the market as long as I can remember since braids had been introduced.

I stopped using it several years ago, and went to Sufix 832, which I like better. But, I also don’t go lighter than 20 lb. I had used some braid in 15 lb at one time, and didn’t have any issues, but don’t recall what brand I was using since I’ve tried several. That may have been a Sufix braid too, Performance Braid perhaps, but I don’t remember for sure. I never had the breaks, mostly was the matter of management of the line. Some it seemed, always twisted and got wrapped around the top of the rod. They’re all a bit stiff when they’re new, but wear in to some extent, and for lack of a better term, there’s a different feel to each one, which is why I’ve settled on the 832.

Also, I primarily only use braid on baitcasters now. That 15 lb was on spinning gear, which I used for the “Float N Fly” technique instead of mono. I liked it, but went back to mono for that purpose too, mostly because of the cost of only buying that braid for that one purpose, which I don’t use a lot now. That’s a good technique for different types of fishing, even though it’s mostly associated with SM bass.