prep for the cold

guys don’t forget its gonna get well below freezing tonight
make sure your motors are trimmed down so the lower units don’t hold water and freeze and split.
if you have a freshwater holding tank, either drain it or stick a light in the area to keep it warm

if you have an I/O or Inboard, you need drain your engine!!! Same goes if you have a generator on board or if you have an air conditioner on your boat(water lines)

Dang it, this is the kind of stuff only Yankees should have to worry about.

No offense Easy!

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Put the cover on and made sure trimmed the motor all the way down this past weekend before coming back to school. Almost single digits last night and tonight at home.

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I have a fresh water tank on my boat. I ran the pump until it started to suck air. I then poured a large bottle of very cheap vodka in the tank and ran the pump until I smelled booze. It was 22 this AM.

****E !!


22? It’s still about 17 here in Red Bank. And I agree with DF.

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And I agree with DF.

Me too. 16 degrees here and my dang toilet is froze!

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Wish it would warm up a little . thermo on boat shed reads 3 , son in
law called and said his truck thermo reading 2 on way to work!!!