Pretty good Quail hunt, Saturday


All I see are autos? Where are the O/Us and S/Ss ?

You know, bird guns.

Good eating…kick n’ shoot or not!

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Silver Pigeon in my left hand…

I see now, had to zoom to get out the shadow.

Fun with the little brown dogs.

Good to see there are still some quail around.

That’s a ton of fun! I’ve been seeing some Bob Whites roaming around my little property lately. Good sign to see. Hopefully they can continue to dodge the predators.

I thought the wild birds were mostly gone. nice hunt

They are but have been making a small comeback. We’ve been finding a few here and there more the last few years but nothing crazy. I’d be willing to bet that’s a released bird hunt.

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They are pen raised birds. Mostly second or third generation. Last birds released were in August, or so I was told.

In my experience, freshly released, pen raised birds don’t covey. The birds pictured were flushed from three different coveys.
Some shot on the flush, others picked up as singles, or pairs.

We were on a Dove shoot at Belfast Plantation, a few weeks back, and flushed a couple of coveys. Wild birds, I’m guessing?

I was talking to a couple of Quail hunters from the Midlands, a few days ago, at a convience store. They were mentioning that most of the birds they’re harvesting around there, are feeding on Beggar Lice. They said their craws were literally full of Beggar Lice.

@Bolbie , as our resident wildlife specialist, what’s your opinion on the birds feeding on the Beggar Lice?
B.S. or no?

I do enjoy hunting Upland birds, and I’m not sure whether being, seasoned, pen raised birds, as opposed to wild birds, detracts from the hunt?

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Not BS !

Dixie Ticktrefoil, Beggar-tick, Beggar-lice…I’ve always known it as Beggarweed.

Tiny seed that will shatter in fall-winter, excellent food source ,and good cover during growing season. A long drainage ditch adjacent to corn/bean fields, with beggarweed and briars, that has a little broom straw edge, great habitat !

Pain in the ass for the canine friends, I used to use my daughters de-tangler spray to get them out of my Boykins after hunting. Cowboy Magic works too.


This pup is covered in green beggarweed, before maturing

Nice to hear that.

Thanks for your input, on this matter!!


aren’t you the binyah that tole me marshchiggers were in my imagination?

gettin old, forget stuff.

Looks like fun. Haven’t been quail hunting in years. You sure don’t seem to see them as much as you used to.

Probably…there were snowflakes here crying about them.

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