Prime Rib/ Rib Roast

ted is trying to find some roe shad for me,cut him some slack please

ted won’t be supplying you with roe this year sport. prepare to be disappointed

Them tugboat fellas can cook sonny,I remember getting some good chow on the tugs when there was an army depot on the Cooper river.

any deals on hole* ribeyes out there?

I texted you my Costco deal. $10/lb prime. About 200 for whole boneless 20 lbs. Makes 10-12 big steaks

Did you block my texts again? Cause you’d have this prime info if you didn’t block me.

Wait what’s all this? Was that you that texted? I thought it was some spam. I’m so outta practice

USDA Choice bone-in ribeye, AKA “prime rib”, at Publix this week for $5.49/lb. About as cheap as I’ve seen it in quite some time…

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