Prime Rib/ Rib Roast

Anyone seen any sales yet for christmas for Prime Rib or a Rib Roast?? Might be early yet


we looking!

Harris teeter has Rib Roast $5.99lb

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Publix has choice at $5.99

Harris Teeter has Rancher (not choice) at $5.99

Marsha 23 Sea Hunt

Wife got a 13lb from Publix yesterday. Helluva deal

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Marsh, if you know does that mean it’s ungraded ?

Same ?? here…

No luck on my google search…


What’s all this?

you havne’t posted on here for 5 years and this is you’re return post. just dammit. texting Ted now. he won’t stand for chicanery on his prime rib thread

It hasn’t been 5 years.

Also it’s meef. They don’t grade that stuff.

you obtuse SOB. we can’t all afford the Prime cuts Moneybags.

BiLo. Choice $5.99/lb.

I cooked 2 over the break. Ted did 3

They were both good but not as rare as I like. Both were choice grade.

I don’t post food pictures because I’m a heterosexual man jsyk

“Man, that’s heavy.”
Patgonya Man.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

Did Ted ever report back about his shitty meat? I’ve been out of town…

No. He let us down again. I’m used to it

Maybe he can be one of your pallbearers so he can let you down one last time…

Look no need to get mean. Let’s focus on teds failure. He probably burnt his nongraded rib roast anyway

It was still better than anyone else’s.