Private messaging?

Is there a way to private message someone? I knew how to do it on the old site but not now. Just want to do some private thanks, apologies, and fence mending. Nothing serious or sinister.

Tap on their screen name a window opens for you.

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I forget if you have it from the beginning or not, but this new forum has different user level rules. You have to have so much participation before you get access to different features. I think the PM feature is in there. I know I had to wait to get to a certain status before I could “ignore” someone.

Start using all the features and you get your access faster. Start clicking on the smiley faces or hearts or whatever on threads and it’ll come quicker.

Thanks. I’ve been a member since 2005 but not real active for awhile. When I moved from Summerville to Cross I posted quite a bit keeping folks updated on the Marion and Wilson Landing trends. Now I’m back to the salt but I’ve never felt confident about posting reports or comments because of the few who dominate and intimidate.

There will always be bullies.

This site is a great tool to learn and help others. Try not to let the few loud idiots deter you. The ignore feature is wonderful. We want to hear your successes and failures.

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X2 with 23 Sails.

I just attempted to send you a private message. Curious to see if I did it correctly.

yep Spoonmaster. good hearing from you again, been awhile