pro-line boats

Posted this comment on another forum, but i thought this might be the better place! I am looking for anybody that can give me some input about pro-line boats! I am interested in a 23-25 foot boat! Any pro-line owners or previous owners out there??

I have a friend with a 2-3 yr old very low hr 23 center console. Very nice boat and the Suzuki is sweet too. Last I heard he was looking to sell maybe. Everyone in the family but him gets sea sick

Oh wow, that sucks!! How much is he asking? If you get a chance to talk to him! Just send me a message!!

I fish a so called 25’ Peoline W/a that is no chit more like 28-30’. His boat is a 1996 and very solid, but don’t think it is set up right. It feels like the most top heavy boat i have ever been on. Roles so bad the motors blow out all the time. Very nice boat, but something just not right.

2502 Trophy Trip 150 Force
“Rum Runner”

made on same production line as donzi i thinks

Most of the ■■■■■■■■ I’ve heard has been very positive. Lots of information about them on The Hull Truth website.

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Thanks guys!! I thought they looked alot larger than thier measurements!! The 23 is a really big boat! I like the 25 because of the closed transom and the engine is on a bracket! If they are built like a Donzi, it should be a really good boat!!