Project Flatty

@Optiker You got skills!!

Been a while since an update, but work has been continuing…

Glassed in this cooler which can double as a release well if needed

Fairing progress pics…


And Painted… Alexseal (local company) is an amazing product

Mock up of upper deck

Starting to add hardware

Big milestone day… Before…

And after…30hp Tohatsu purchased from Cooper River Marine in Moncks Corner

Hatch openings cut. This is up to date… Today, in fact.


Looking great!

I’m betting you’re gonna love that Tohatsu. I’ve had a couple, and they are really great engines!

you’ve got skills man.

WOW, Dave that looks amazing! A work of art for sure. I love the look of that Tohatsu motor and have heard really good things about them, You’ll be slaying them soon.

Beautiful! You are gonna love that Tohatsu (T)!!! Did that T come with a SS prop? A mechanic told me you should not run SS on Ts as it affects the timing of the firing that was calibrated for the ECU module using an aluminum prop.

I love the troll feature on the Ts. I use it more than I thought I would…mainly in the winter to find trout hot spots quickly.

Dealer suggested the prop. IDK anything about the timing issue. I guess I’ll find out. Thanks for the heads-up

Wow. I’ve missed this entire story. Fantastic! Can’t wait to see a pic of you pulling in a big flatty or some other fish to Christen it! Got a name for her yet?

On the timing thing with Props, that’s a new one to me! The only issue I’ve heard is up to 40-60 HP the engine doesn’t have enough strength to flex an aluminum prop losing a little pitch. Also it’s easier on the lower unit to hit a oyster bed/ rock with an aluminum prop vs a stainless.

Name has been “Flatty” and will remain! Looking forward to the first fish. Currently working on the hatch gutters. It’s been a lot of work but they are turning out pretty well. Will make an update post in a little bit.

Some progress on the project.

Molds for hatch gutters

They turned out pretty good. I will have some fairing to do inside the gutters but not unexpected especially for my first attempt at these. I used almost a whole can of resin for these 3 pieces.

Dry fit

Bonded to cap, and added a rim around the inside well. Had to heat up the radius pieces to bend them.

Getting closer…

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