Proline Boats?

Anyone know what happened to the Proline Boats company? If they shut down ten years ago, it’s ok to laugh. I’m looking for info on the coatings they used. Seems like my boat has a thin plastic wrap all around. Not sure. Trying to find out.

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Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned I tried the website first. Nobody is home. Can’t even pay them to respond to a question. It’s an option on the site. You can pay to have questions answered. Just want to know what to expect if I pull the plastic off. Never had a shrink wrapped boat before.

I wasn’t being a smart azz either. I just googled and saw the site. Didn’t really go into it. Pay to have a question answered? What kind of racket is that?

Try, I’d be surprised if someone there did not know.

Thanks for the info.

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Try giving Key West a call and ask for Steve O’Connell (if you can get him). Probably doesn’t know, but may know a contact for you to talk to. ??? Good luck with it. [843) 873-0112]

Yup. Kinda stupid.

That’s awesome. Thank you Fred67. I was out of ideas.

I own an older Pro-Line, no plastic on mine.
Just clear coat, or, what’s left of it?
Might be a wrap?

It looks and acts like a plastic wrap. I really don’t care for it. If it gets scuffed, there is nothing you can do about it. Can buff it out, that just scuffs more plastic. You can cut a clean edge, but cant blend it with sanding. Gel coat underneath. I’m gonna try the guy Fred67 mentioned on Monday. Those reports are killing me too.

I’m guessing a wrap as Mixed said. Nothing you can do to repair a ripped/ scuffed wrap other than deal with it or replace it. I’ve never seen a company sell a “wrapped” boat unless the buyer gives what they want and put’s it in the buying price. Most always wraps are done after the sale.

Found out Proline offers a 2 mil thick plastic shrink wrap as an option on most of their boats. Now I gotta figure out how to get it off.