Propane Smoker Recommendations

Wife got me an electric Masterbuilt a couple of years ago. I loved it, but first the internal thermometer went out. About a year later it kept throwing my outdoor GFI outlet - so I’ve been running it to a non-GFI outlet (I know it’s not smart OK so don’t lecture me). Last week the (**() thing shocked me a couple times opening the door. I’m plenty handy but have no desire to break it down and replace parts or wires. Looking to go to a propane smoker. Problem is that Masterbuilt seems to get the most stars in the ratings. Not sure I want to give them anymore money. Not looking to spend $500 if it can be helped. Looking for recommendations. Have over 20 pecan trees in the yard so not looking for a pellet smoker.

FYI. I probably make the best bacon in the world; therefore, the world is a much better place when I am at optimum smoking ability.


i had the wiring on mine burn up too -

i liked the set + forget of my electric, but found that I can do just as good/better with a weber and the “snake method” using charcoal.

I agree with mhebbard. I have a Weber Smoky Mountain smoker. Using the minion method, I can light the charcoal, put on the meat, and it will cook for 12 hours or more at 225-250. Around $300-350. Order it on Amazon and they’ll ship it to your door. There is plenty of information online about how to use them with little effort and great results.

^ full disclosure, have not ever had a propane smoker, but the charcoal method has been so easy for pulled pork + chicken which is 99% of what I am doing I will probably stick with it.

Masterbilt does make a good propane smoker from the looks of one i saw at lowes a couple years back, but have not used.

Mine is so easy that I’ll put a pork butt on just before bedtime and let it cook all night without checking it. Of course, pork butt is very easy to cook.

Always found this website to have good info on grills, smokers, recipes, techniques, etc.

Alveron custom cookers! I have the same grill that is in this video clip. They are custom made in Summerville by John Haney. You will not find a better wood over gas propane grill. Very simple to set, and with the micro adjustments you can hold it within one or 2°.


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I also recommend the Weber Smokey Mountain. You might be able to find a good deal at Lowes or Home Depot for the display model. My only regret is I didn’t get the 22" model, I have the 18".