Propeller Selection

I bent my propeller shaft and tore up my prop on an underwater log/tree after Matthew. Finally getting around to getting it fixed and trying to see what prop to get - standard stock one that on there now, or something better tuned for my boat. Looking for advice from any smart folks out there that know about prop selection.

I run a 2014 Sportsman Masters 227 with a Yamaha F250 (3.3L version). On there now is a Yamaha Saltwater Series II 3 blade (I don’t know the pitch/diameter specs). My current top RPM is around 5600, post hitting tree.

Thanks in advance y’all!

Tight Lines,

Yamaha recommends full throttle should be between 5000 rpms and 6000 rpms. Sounds like you have the perfect prop setup now. Somewhere on your prop there should be some numbers designating pitch and size. I’d get the same one.