Proper Triggerfish butchery

I know everyone has their favorite trick to deal with the hard skin, this isn’t about that.

This is a picture of the meat off of an 18 inch triggerfish.

The yield was 16.1 ounces of fillets and 5.2 oz of cheek meat and collar meat.

Just thought I would share for anyone that throws the heads away without harvesting the best tasting pieces, it’s a little more work but well worth it.

Text book. Dam fine job.

Karma is 360 degrees

Some got to win, some got to lose…

Well worth the work. And cheeks, shoot yea!

Of the 10 million or so triggers i cleaned with andy + derek, I don’t think we ever went after the cheeks. got any tips+tricks for trigger cheek removal?

After you take the fillets off slide your knife under the skin from the pec fin and out the soft skin by the mouth.
Then cut the skin off towards the bottom of the fish.
Once you’ve done that you can just rip the skin back up towards the eye and all the cheek and collar meat will be visible and easy to cut out.
Those cheeks and collars are seriously the best piece of fish in the ocean.

Dayyyyummm bo. That’s some good butchering!

“mr keys”

I have gotten the collar meat on most. Never went for the cheek, yet.

Great post!


Those are some tasty fish. I catch Queens and Grays by the bucket full down here in the USVI but there is the risk of Ciguatera here so I have to throw them all back.

good stuff…Stickman will be upset with our yield of meat from the few trigs we caught Monday…

The Morris Island Lighthouse

trigger skin is easy to cut from the inside