pros and cons of glass topped oven/range

considering newer model and weighing electric coil versus glass topped…I know the pros and cons of my coils, but what about you who have glass topped? do you use cast iron cookware on it?

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Con: its not gas

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Carl - we have a glass top that came with the house in 2011. Probably 10 yrs old or better. Does a great job - I think it heats up faster than the coil ranges, and looks better.

Cons - spills/splatters are hard to get clean sometimes if they burn on. You have to take a razor to the thing. I think day to day cleanup is easier though since its just one big surface.

If I could get natural gas I would do it in a heartbeat.

I agree with mhebbard above. And yes i use cast iron on mine. It was in the house when i bought it 8-9 years ago and decided to use cast iron on it and if it scratched or messed it up i would replace it. No problems.

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My current one is old coils. Previous house had gas. Girlfriends is newer glass top. For everyday little things don’t notice much difference. Glass top is obviously easier to clean.

However, girlfriend’s parents were in town and in a rental condo at IOP a couple weeks ago. Wanted to do a low country boil and asked me to bring my big pot. Said I didn’t need to bring the gas burner, we’d just do it inside on the stove. It was a glass top stove. It took 2 hours to get the water to boil! It was a a 30 quart aluminum pot and approximately 12-15 quarts of water in it. Never again.

We’re house hunting anything non-gas goes in the cons column for me.

thanks guys…wish we also had the gas option, but it’s not run in my hood…my wife loves to cook but dam is she messy in the kitchen…the current coils are difficult to keep clean…I’m almost set on the glass top just for that reason alone…I’m a stickler for a clean kitchen so daily cleanings is not an issue for me…was really concerned about scratches and burnt on stuff…

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Mr. Bonzo, I’ve got a glass top, wish I had gas. I do like it…Like the gentleman above said its a better look and and cleaning is very easy, just wipes down allot quicker on the smooth surface, but the down side is they can break if you drop something heavy on them. They can also break if they get to much heat. Several months ago mine broke when I put two heavy large all clad pans on them side by side and cranked it up to do some searing it just cracked because it got too hot:angry: They were professional grade, heavy duty large pans and for some reason the top couldnt handle it. It was a samsung, and their customer service is by far the worst on the planet. I spent no less than 10 hrs on the phone with them trying to get them to fix it under warranty. I had to use their tech, which was the only one samsung authorized from " Columbia". We had to cook on one burner for over a month. I looked up in my owners manuel and it does say cast iron is “not” recommended". I also had a friend that had one break on him. I will say I loved it until it broke and then it was a nightmare-seriously-very bad customer service. If I’m not mistaken, kitchen aid is made in the Usa. I will never buy another samsung appliance in my life, had two out of four break in less than a year and had to replace the dishwasher that was brand new, because it got cheeper to just buy a new one. Do your homework, dont believe a word the guys at home depot or lowes says, they will push on you what they are told too. Check consumer reports, because when they break it is a freaking nightmare, good day to you, Bonzo.

I’ve got two glass tops and like them both, one is the conventional and the other is an induction cook top, much prefer the induction

heats up faster, the surrounding surface doesn’t get hot, better temp control, the large burner has a boost function that heats up super fast, it’s for large pots like when boiling water for spaghetti or a shrimp boil

I bought it online at a great price, this is it but sure paid much less[GCI3061XB]-1001318/GCI3061XB/

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Have you considered induction, good temp control, flat glass top and can boil a gallon of water in two minutes. Put one in when we remodeled 4 years ago and works great.

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We have a glass top and all we use on it is cast iron with the exception of a few large pots. Ours has the quick heat on one of the front burners along with be able to select what size burner to use on the front two as well. Also has a small center warmer burner in the back. We love to cook and we’ve never had a really nice range until now and now there’s no going back. My wife is also a big baker so we opted to go for the double oven model which is EXTREMELY handy around the holidays. Also means we can have dinner in the oven while she is baking a pie or cake.

Electric coil sends steady power to the coil. Coil is in direct contact with the pan.

Electric glass top sends pulses of power to the coils so it doesn’t shatter the glass. That’s also why it takes forever to boil water. Burns stuff to the glass top making it hard to clean.

Induction doesn’t heat the glass so they can send a steady power without worry about shattering the glass. The only heat the glass receives is from heat coming off the pan back into the glass. Stuff doesn’t burn to the glass as easily. Power boost can boil the water right out of the pan.

Con of induction, Sensors detect the pan, if you have a habit of moving the pan or picking it up you can blow breakers and pop sensors as the pan moves in and out of the sensors range. You will need to adjust to the new way of cooking.
Induction requires “induction ready” pans. T-Fal Non Stick Professional series are a good bang for the buck. $25 for the fry pan and $80 for the Set on amazon. There are much better (read expensive) induction pans available.

If I didn’t have a gas stove, induction would be my preference.

I can sum it up in 2 words…

Discount Double-check…

Originally posted by Bonzo72

considering newer model and weighing electric coil versus glass topped…I know the pros and cons of my coils, but what about you who have glass topped? do you use cast iron cookware on it?

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Originally posted by Bonzo72

considering newer model and weighing electric coil versus glass topped…I know the pros and cons of my coils, but what about you who have glass topped? do you use cast iron cookware on it?

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Get the glass top and don’t look back. I’ll never go back to electric coil. I’ve never had an issue boiling anything and does it quicker than the old electric coil and a hundred times easier to keep clean.

If we switch to gas heat, I may consider a gas stove.

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We’ve had an Amana glass top for 20 years, and yes we use cast iron on it. Been very happy with it. No problems at all. As mentioned, food burns require a razor blade scraper to get off, but other than that it’s no problem to clean.

I would prefer gas myself, but our home is total electric and I’d have to put in a propane tank to use gas.

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Gas is way to much mainteance and hard to clean, glass top with flat top touch screen is better, no where for anything to grim up.

make your wife clean the kitchen. keep your existing stove and dignity.

do I have to do everything around here?

My wife has been real happy with the glass top. Easier to clean than previous ones we’ve had and she does most of the cleaning. Unless I’m responsible for making a big ugly, then I’m expected to take care of that one:face_with_head_bandage:

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Once you go glass, you’ll never go back. Love the glass tops. Just buy a 4 inch scraper blade to clean it with. Never had a problem with scratches.

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We’ve had a glass top for about two years now, and like it. Beats the heck out of cleaning/replacing the drip pans under the coils. Haven’t had any problems with cleaning, and haven’t had to do the razor(yet). I bought a bottle of the special cleaner & scrub pad for glass tops. I think it’s just polishing compound. I’d never go back to the coils.

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