Prospecting and then some

Well the plan was to fish the bass hole and catch something pic worthy, but that got scratched when we missed the tide so plan b prspecting. Tried fishing at the base of a couple of bridges. First bridge a black drum 16in a grunt and a bunch of 12 and under sea bass. second bridge was to check for sheep head. Well investigating the sheep head spot was well worth it, I saw about thirty sheep head a couple of 10lbers and plenty of 3 to 6lb sheep heads. The water was clear to a bout 6ft down and dead calm at high tide at about 1 30pm. We had everything but fiddlers and I watched a big one like 9lbs open its mouth and go to hit my shrimp but decided not to about a inch a way. I had the 2nd smallest one hit my bait when I was using a blue claw knuckle. They would not bite, I told my buddy any time I saw a sheep head I never caught it. But he thinks it was just because of having no fiddlers. I tried to snag a couple with a treble and nearly snagged the big one but only got a scale. Some time soon I will punish some big sheeps. Went earlier this week in the folly and went 5 for 5 on fiddlers with 4 10 to 12 inch sheeps and a 16 inch bass and my buddy couldn’t hook a thing and ended the day with 7 of 10 with 5 sheeps a bass and a pinfish all in like 30 minutes.

Try raw oysters and be ready to have your bait stolen.

You try chumming with shaved barnacles? Sometimes that will put them in the mood.

Try the black mussles that grow next to the oysters, run your hook into the hinge and drop them down after chuming with scraped barnicals/oysters. This will slow the bite but weeds out the smaller(under 14) fish. When fiddlers are scarce this works well. Hoping to go tomorrow if my fishing partner is free. Will hunt for fiddlers if tide is right but mussles are a good alternitive.

It was like looking in an aquarium there was tons of small fish that I can’t identify, penn fish and I caught a small rock bass. The tiny fish would follow you and as soon as you put your bait in the water by them they would feed like crazy and this is pretty much happening on the sheep heads nose. There were few small sheep heads and the smallest was probably over 10inchs. I chummed the piling and they didn’t seem to feed any different they were real selective seeming when picking over the pilings. The one piling was in like 6 ft of water and probably completely dry at low tide the other was in 10 to 15ft both had a mix of sheep head with a few big ones and a couple small schools and loners with the deeper piling having more numbers.

I heard they love the little black snails but I’ve never tried them. Don’t really fish for sheeps personally.

First, Most, Biggest