Q: How To Edit Existing Post...?

Overall I like the new interface here, very clean and intuitive. Haven’t seen it on mobile yet, but am guessing it is optimized for that. I run several Forum sites w/phpBB, SMF, and the like, have done migrations with +10 yr old DB’s and K’s of users, so I have lots of appreciation for what I’m sure y’all went thru to get here. :smiley: Great job, admin(s)!!!

What I don’t see is an easy way to edit an existing post and or post topic. I’d like to note that I’ve sold apiece of gear I listed in Swap Shop, but the only option seems to be to do so as a Reply. Am I missing something obvious?

Again - THANKS for all the hard work!

FWIW/FYI: I do see a Pencil icon for Edit function on this post, immediately after posting - but that does not show up on my 8 day old Swap Shop post.

There is a time limit on editing, not sure the limit, but its about 12+ hours.

I like the feature (aside from the swap shop issue) because in a forum situation a card layed is a card played.

But anyway, after a day what you said remains as is

Thanks for the reply, I had a feeling that may have been the case. I will post a “Sold” reply in lieu of an edit. :slight_smile: