Question about Bull's Bay

This is my first year attempting shrimp baiting. I’ve read several statements about how the water needs to be muddy for day time shrimping. Is it a matter of finding a muddy location in the Bay, or is the whole area pretty much the same? I’m driving 3hrs to get there and meeting up with a cousin that is 4hrs away. I would feel bad if I convinced him to drive that far and we come up short-handed, so any advice (not your honey holes) would be greatly appreciated! We’re meeting at Garris boat landing and going through Anderson creek to get out into the Bay, unless someone has a better suggestion?

Number 1-Be cautious. Bulls bay is very shallow especially at low tide. You will most likely be coming out of Anderson from Garris to the bay. You can pretty much run full speed if you stay heading towards the tip of bull island. When you get close to bull island there is a channel that runs beside the island (Pay close attention to depth). Turn right and run down that channel a short bit. We usually set up on the mainland side of that channel as it comes up on the flat. Depth depends on the time of tide. We and others did pretty well in this area last Saturday. You will most likely see others around this location.

Number 2- Enjoy your time on the water.

Again if you are anywhere close to low tide and have not been around the bay much proceed with caution.

Good luck

Thank you :+1: