Question about Crab Bank

I havent been shrimping since 2019 because of motor problems and that was before they redid Crab Bank. My question is do you think the New Crab Bank is affecting the shrimping out there. I have noticed the water doesnt run as it used to up on the flat and I have only been 3 times this year but the shrimp just haven’t been there. The best we did was 9 quarts heads off. Anybody want to comment?

It seems not to be as good, but it might be a function of the shrimp and fresh wasted run off…… They show up late. If they’re struggling at Bulls Bay and it’s mediocre there , it’s off everywhere. 2 weeks left it could go off any day now …. Keep the faith … Have another beer and enjoy the evening

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One thing that usually happens. Some time in mid November when all the shrimp migrate to the ocean the trout and spot tails start up like crazy.