Question about heading offshore

I’ve been out to the Charleston 60 before. But never on my 20ft Carolina Skiff. Tomorrow is calling for 5kt winds and 1ft seas. Anyone have experience taking a CS out there? I’m confident driving my boat out there, just looking for any tips.

I don’t venture offshore anymore without a eperb & radio.Even if I go on someone else’s boat. Carrie long enough anchor rope. for whatever death of water you are going to be in.So If you have motor problems. you won’t end up in China.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Got plenty of anchor line, vhf and an epirb. I’m more concerned about the ride out in a semi-v flat bottom versus a deep v hull. I know the ride out won’t be as comfortable, but am I overlooking a dangerous situation?

I wouldn’t do it in a boat like that this time of year. Floating in the drink with a VHF and EPIRB strapped to your life jacket for a few hours sucks but you’re not going to die from hypothermia during the summer. You won’t last but an hour or two in 57 degree water.

Be smart and roll out. Not sure why folks think a big boat sinks slower or less likely than a small boat. A good captain will get his vessel in. I believe winter forecasts are much more steady than a summer forecast. With that being said, the offshore forecast 40m out is showing a lot more wind than the nearshore. Poke your head out and go with what feels right.

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Did you go ??

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Cold water kills fast. I don’t now how far the 60 is, but, in a 20ft flat bottom boat…it can go wrong fast. The question is are you willing to be in an open boat for that long and is your name Patches??? As in, do you gots peoples depending on you???

If not, get it. I been offshore in a lot worse boats and had a blast. I was also younger and didn’t have a family. You got a rescue symbol so you know the risk that peeps gots to take to come get you.

You’ll find out why V-hull works better…eventually. Catamarans are even better.

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More steady how? As in a stiff N/NE wind and 5-6 footers? Then yes it’s more steady. In my opinion the windows this time of year are much smaller, so you don’t get those multiple days in a row where the wind and waves are down creating a really flat ocean. Best advice I can give is to monitor not only the day of, but the day before. If it’s blowing 20-25 all day the day prior it usually takes a lot longer to flatten out than what the forecast says. With all that being said- based on today’s forecast I wouldn’t have ventured out in your 20ft skiff. I went back and forth about heading out myself today in my 27’ twin engine boat, saw the bouy this morning was about 2ft every 3 seconds which is choppy and wouldn’t have been fun in your boat. If it’s summer sure, getting wet isn’t a problem but cold spray sucks for the 1.5 hr trek, and in your style of a boat it only takes one wave to stuff the bow.

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No, wife took a sick day so I stayed home to take care of her and the baby.

57 degree water for an average male, the survival models show functional time of about 12 hours. Helicopter out of Charleston can reach the Charleston 60 in under an hour easy. Rescue boat out of Charleston will take an hour and change.

But I take your point. I don’t want to wait in the drink for an hour in 57 degree water. :frowning_face: