Question for anyone that's purchased/sold a used boat recently

Hey all, I’m about to purchase a “new” (to me) boat and I know the laws have changed, in regards to taxes and all, since my last boat purchase. I’m selling my current boat and buying a new one, so was on DNR’s site printing out all the buyer/seller forms and noticed a question in the FAQ Section that says:

“If you have purchased a boat/motor that is currently titled and registered in SC you must pay property taxes to your county of residence before contacting SCDNR to change the ownership into your name. Your application, titles, bill of sale or other required documents must be accompanied by the paid property tax receipt.
If you have purchased a boat/motor from out of state or you are titling and registering a brand new boat/motor you will be billed by your county after completing the titling/registration process with SCDNR.”

So - the boat I’m purchasing is a 2019, was recently titled, taxes paid and all - only has 20 hours. My current boat, I just paid the taxes at the end of the year. Before I can register the new boat, I have to pay the property taxes on the new boat/motor? Will I get a refund for the prorated amount of what I just paid?

It’s been several years, but I didn’t think I had to go through any of that last time around - if I remember correctly, I just went to DNR and paid the sales tax and registration fees and they issued everything on the spot - and then later that year I got the new tax bill.

Nevermind - called the Auditor’s Office and got my answers.

For anyone curious, yea - you have to go to the Auditor’s Office with your bill of sale and they’ll calculate your new tax bill - pay that and take the receipt (along with all other paperwork) to DNR. My main question was in regards to previously paid taxes - under the previous law, taxes were paid for the previous year, so you won’t receive a prorated refund. For me, my registration expires in March - he said I should be receiving a tax bill any day (I need to check with the woman and make sure she didn’t trash it or pay it, since we just paid ours in December). But - in short, no refund, since previous bills were collected for the prior year(s)…

Ugh this mess is too confusing. Picked the wrong time to buy a new boat.

You are responsible for 2019 taxes on old boat no matter what. You have to pay 2020 taxes on old boat if you are the owner. You can ask for a partial refund once sold.

You will have to pay for taxes on new boat for 2020 even if paid by seller before you can register it or title it. The seller can ask for a partial refunded on his end.

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