Question, installing new Garmin sonar/GPS xsducer

I finally decided on the Garmin 74SV to replace my Lowrance on my Sundance flats boat. I’m going painfully slow to avoid mistakes and end up w a good installation.

I would like to use the existing holes drilled into the transom for the old unit but that results in the new transducer hanging about an inch and a half lower than the bottom of the hull.

Is that too much? Too much risk of hitting stuff when I’m in skinny water?

If I do drill new holes, what’s the best way to patch the existing holes? Is it ok to fill them w 5200? What’s the best way to patch 5/32" holes in fiberglass?

I would use the existing holes to mount a piece of Starboard and go from there to mark ducer location

Mark Ingle
NauticStar 1810 Merc 90

I installed one of those this afternoon. I filled the old holes with 5200. The screw pattern was different so I was unable to use either of the existing holes. As far as being too low, the bottom of the transducer is supposed to be even with the bottom of the hull. I’d say you’re too low.

Thanks for all the help everyone.

Badfish, those stern pads look pretty cool. Have you tried them? Do they perform as advertised?

I got everything done except final adjustment of the transducer. I’ll make a decision on that tomorrow. I got the power plug ready and waiting behind the unit. I’m not planning to power it up until I get the transducer done.

I’m in the process of upgrading too and will be using one soon. They sell a white one direct, but black is on amazon prime. Nice and clean looking and at $25 i’m willing to try. As others mentioned, I may use one of the existing holes just to reinforce

West Marine sells a kit similar to the stern pad but you have to mix epoxy instead of peel and stick. I wanted to finish the job yesterday so I picked one up at the Columbia store. After I filled the existing holes w 5200 I found the pad would need to overlap them so I have to wait til today while the 5200 sets up.

definitely to low
many different ways to fill holes, or use existing holes to mount starboard, but its got to go up.