Quick Creek Trip

Well, finally slipped out to the back creeks early Sunday with the better half to try our luck. Found mullet almost immediately and proceeded to the back of Bushy to see if wecould find a few takers. Fishing was a little tough but soon as the 82° water started to fall around 9 the fish decided to cooperate. Tussled with the drag peelers in the trees for a while and lost more than we caught, in fact she didnt get one to the boat this trip. She says her redemption will be sweet, and ill see that it is! I managed to get a few before the heat was unavoidable and the shade was gone. We headed to house and was clenaed up and eating lunch by 1230👍


What for bait? All i could get action on was christmas tree grubs with red head.

You caught a fish and a stick at the same time?!?!?!?!

I usually just catch sticks.

Impressive. :wink:

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Looks like a perfect trip! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the post. Glad y’all got out. Any KOBP sightings?

Mullet, cut did better than live. :point_up_2:

Lol, yessir, the sticks won more than they lost…probably went through a dozen hooks or so, thats why I buy em in a 28 pack haha

No, unfortunately. Pretty sure he’s still getting out there though as im almost certain I saw him at the landing last week on my way home from the sugar mine. Keeping a look out for sure, hopefully he will be back soon enough!

Stump knows them creeks for sure.haha

Nice red! Taking the 3 year old out for his first fishing trip tomorrow. I’m thinking Bushy.

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