Quick Jetty Trip

Had a complete change of plans on a whim and since the wind was supposed to lay down, we decided to give the jetties a go. We were the 3rd or 4th boat to have that idea at day break and by time we left around 10 there were probably 30 boats out there…it was a site to see ha! The wind didnt exactly lay down but we stuck it out and had a few willing to cooperate. Floated creek shrimp down the rocks amd soaked cut mullet behind the boat. The bobbers kept us busy between the bait stealers and the dinks with the occasional fish thrown in. Mullet landed my bud a decent one out the back. Got hot fast so we put our knees in the breeze…To the hill by 1030 to fish another day!


I love the jetties. it’s usually decent action especially with live bait and you never know what your going to catch. nice pic of the sheepie teeth.

Nice job Stump. Wife and I rode just shy of 60 miles Saturday in the creeks… every time we stopped to jump in the water or drift watching dolphin and some tarpon breach, had to put her back on plane to get a breeze. Early morning was a smart choice with the summer heat.

Wait a minute…if you’re out there fishing…then who’s doing the chores? Wise decision on that 10:30 part! The fish looked like they were getting hot smiling for the camera

Great post Stump!

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That poor sheep needs an orthodontist.